Is it age or race?

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There was an incident the other day which has me asking this question: is it race or age? I’d like to think it something to do with age, or lack there of. Maybe culture?

I live in a questionable area. There’s a mix of people around me. I do tend to take note of the ones that are polite and the ones that are quiet and keep to themselves and then the ones that are just noisey fuckers.

So I’m driving down the street Sunday and come to a roundabout in the intersection and start to go through and there’s a car parked on the opposing corner and blocking the thorougway. I stopped and gave a moment for the driver to move along. Maybe he was lost and looking at a GPS or some such thing.

Nothing. So I tapped the horn to let him know I was there. A hand emerges from his window and points for me to go around. Clearly if I could have I would. So I tap my horn again and this time he looks out and I can hear him yell at me to go around. Now window is up since it’s colder than a witches tit out there, but I clearly mouth to him “please pull up”. That only prompted him to get out of his car and do some kind of trash talk hip hop dance and call me all kinds of colourful names and continue yelling at me to go around him and how he wasn’t going to move his car for me or anyone.

At this point there was now another car behind me waiting to get out. I’m not quite sure why he got back in his car though. Was it that the dance was over or was it the presence of my two Siberian Huskies now peering out the window at him? At any rate I then rolled down my window and told him in more stern manner to pull around the corner and that I was done asking nicely. There were more taunts from him and more being called a fucker and and asshole and how “oh you’ve asked nicely”, but he moved. He wasn’t happy.

Now considering that he looked to be half my age to 10 years my junior I’d like to think that maybe it was a lack of respect. Although some cultures are all about respect. His isn’t one of them. Clearly to me had he been a bit older there would have been something in his head that would have triggered him to pull forward to allow access to get through the roundabout.

Still I have to wonder.

When words fail a picture says it all…

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Word Wednesday

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It’s time to bring something back. I’ve recently had an occurance that has prompted me to start thinking about the following two words. Blackmail and extortion. Both are similair in their meanings with slight differences. Although these days I think the two coincide more than often than not.


noun \ˈblak-ˌmāl\

: the crime of threatening to tell secret information about someone unless the person being threatened gives you money or does what you want

: something (such as money) that is received through blackmail

:  a tribute anciently exacted on the Scottish border by plundering chiefs in exchange for immunity from pillage
a:  extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution

b:  the payment that is extorted

blackmailtransitive verb
noun \ik-ˈstȯr-shən\

: the crime of getting money from someone by the use of force or threats

:  the act or practice of extorting especially money or other property; especially:  the offense committed by an official engaging in such practice
:  something extorted; especially:  a gross overcharge
ex·tor·tion·er \-sh(ə-)nər\noun
ex·tor·tion·ist \-sh(ə-)nist\noun
Now while I’m not the victim of having my past exposed I am being denied answers to questions about certain things unless I reply to said individual with answers to them.
As far as money, well that’s a grey area right now. I am being asked for a sum of money in a pending settlement that is greater than I believe is deserved. I only state this due to the fact that there are items that were to be returned to me and are now being held in exchange for a more favourable outcome for the other party.
So there you have it. An education in extortion and blackmail. Whilst the terms are defined as such above, they can both related to not only money, but goods and services as well and don’t have to be put into force to expose a seedy past.

Federal benefits: they’re not just for citizens anymore

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I came across this article about an illegal that has been getting public assistance for 20 years in the form of food stamps, housing, healthcare and social security.

I’m going to forget that she’s Hispanic and a mother of seven. The focus is that she’s here illegally and taking the benefits that should be and are supposed to be reserved for the legal citizens of this country. Something that is earned and not meant to be permanent, but assistance until one can get back up on their feet.

The reason that I really felt the need to speak up on this is that 2 days ago a relative was denied food stamp assistance for the 2nd time. Some background there: white, mother of 2, natural-born U.S. citizen and actually has a job, albeit part-time and for only $9.60 an hour.

A little bit of background there, she was laid off from her last job almost 2 years ago when the company she worked for went bankrupt and closed. She had to file for divorce last year after a domestic situation in her home became potentially violent. Now as the breadwinner she had to return to work finding anything she could: a $9.60 an hour job. She receives more hours there than any other employee at 20 hours a week. That means pre-tax, she is making $197 per week for a whopping total of $788 per month or , to make it harder to digest, $9,456 per year.

Now lets review the information from the article on this illegal. She receives $240 a month in food stamps. She receives $700 per month in Social Security benefits. That is $940 per month for a grand total of $11,280 per year.

So far the difference between her and my relative is a mere $1824 per year or $152 per month. Lets not forget that our illegal visitor receives free housing, medical and prescription drugs.

Back to my relative. The house is paid for as it was purchased more than 25 years ago. She receives $1600 per month in child support with which she needs to clothe, feed and care for her two teenagers. The kids receive medical/dental/vision coverage from their father. My relative has no medical/dental/vision coverage for herself from her employer because she doesn’t work enough hours to qualify. Her household utilities and cable are paid by her estranged husband per the courts. This brings my relative’s earnings to $28,656 per year.

Without the exact numbers of the other benefits that our little illegal receives it’s hard to say what her yearly total is, but I can pretty much surmise that she makes well more than my relative does!

Lets not ignore the fact that our illegal started receiving benefits from the government under the leadership of another democratic president that also wanted to see similar changes that our current office has implemented.

This really disgusts me that a citizen of this country and one of my own has been denied benefits in a dire situation like this. She has never needed nor taken any benefits prior to this yet when she needs it, our system has cast her aside to continue to allow someone who is here illegally to mooch off of our tax dollars……including the tax dollars that my relative’s $9.60 an hour job pays into. This seems to be happening a lot in this country.


Photo Friday

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Medical Fact

Unless of course she’s a rigid Catholic.

Some of my favourite tattoos

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I love tattoo art. There’s nothing better than great ink adorning a body and showing one’s personality in ink. Whether it’s memorialising a loved one or your kids. Ink that bears meaning about life experiances or interests that you feel strongly about.

My own tattoos reflect a few things. I have a St. Andrew’s flag on my right forearm to reflect my Scottish heritage. That is the begining of my sleeve of Scottish artwork. On my left forearm I have a Norwegian flag in the shape of Norway to reflect my Nordic heritage that will be a sleeve of Nordic art work.

On my left calf I have a tattoo that I designed to reflect a small group of friends that I’m involved with locally. I actually hand drew that one and inked it myself. I have inked a varied version of the same base design on two other friends.

On my right wrist I have a small scorpion to reflect my astrological sign. I’m very much a Scorpio in nature. It keeps me in check sometimes and always reminds me of who I am and also the hazzards of being me. On my left wrist I have a symbol for “burning pain” as a reminder of things that have affected my past and to keep me on track for the future.

On my knuckles I have lettering across all my fingers to spell out SCOTLAND. I’m also planning on getting “PROMISE” tattooed on one of my pinky fingers and “SWEAR” on the other. I am also working on a back piece that has very special meaning to me. No details at this time, but one person reading this knows.

Script work is my favourite kind of ink work. People have all some interesting and deep scripting put on them. I like to ask people the meaning behind their lettering when I see them. It’s great to hear the stories that people have for why they have a specific word or phrase.

I wanted to post some photos of some script work that I find very cool because they express relationships. Those are some of the best stories. How a couple met. What’s behind their specific tattoos. To see their commitment.


This is my favourite. I love the idea that two people can just know and trust each other on this level. Those two words say it all.

This is my favourite. I love the idea that two people can just know and trust each other on this level. Those two words say it all.


I like this one. To the point.

I like this one. To the point.


You just know when you can. It's a gut feeling and you don't have to question it ever.

You just know when you can. It’s a gut feeling and you don’t have to question it ever.


Again with the pinky ink. This one is great with the two hands together like that.

Again with the pinky ink. This one is great with the two hands together like that.

Finger Rings

I like this for the Celtic knot work, although I’m not certain that this would be for me.

More Celtic ink. "Soul Mate".

More Celtic ink. “Soul Mate”.


Next look will be at ink scripting that has phrases for life meanings.


42 Years in Review

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Today is my 42nd birthday.

So here I am writing and watching some Soprano’s. I’ve had a good day so far.

This has been a pretty significant year for me. Some major life changes have been made. For those that don’t know, I’m in the process of a divorce. That’s all I will say on that for now except that I have learned who my real friends are in the process.

In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with friends that  I have not seen in years that really were key in my life growing up that were every bit as close as family. How is it that when we have friends like that and we lose touch that we can find each other again? I’ll probably never figure that one out, but I’m glad we all found each other again.

I’ve met new friends that have become like family. One in particular has really had some good advice for me and I value the bond we’ve formed and I’m  glad to consider this one family.

I’ve made better friendships with people at work that I’ve seen and spoken to for years. I’ve got some cool, twisted coworkers.

I’ve become involved with a woman that I met 26 years ago that captured my eye and my heart. She is an amazing lady and more beautiful now than ever and in more that just the physical sense. She has a great commitment to family and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Some values that I have lost sight of over the years and don’t mind being reminded of. Especially by her.

Speaking of family, I’ve had a reforging of my relationship with my kids this year. I will say that a big part of my decision to end my marriage was that the future former Mrs. was controlling and alienating of my kids. When it comes down to it, she may have been my wife, but my kids are my kids and no one gets in the way of that. Things had finally come to a head last year that made me realize just how dysfunctional things had become. Things have really turned around with us. I actually have a better relationship with them now than I ever have. The three of us have become healthier people because of my decision to make this change.

A couple things that I have looming on the horizon is career and school.

I have been with the same company for 10 years now. I like what I do, but it’s become stale. In an abbreviated nutshell I am part of a team that handles ADA (American Disability Act) accessibility for a cruise line. I guess that I have always been kind of a caregiver in that sense. As a night manager for a local grocier I assisted residents of a local group home for the disabled do their weekly shopping. At the dealerships I’ve worked in, I assisted with getting new/used vans that disabled customers purchased to a local company that outfits them with lifts and hand controls.

I know that school for me needs to be something that continues in that direction. There are social services, health care services, community services to name a few. Medical seems to be the direction that my life may be headed though. At one point I did hold a state massage license. One direction from there could be PT services. I think it would be very cool to work with persons that have a disability and actually be able to make a difference in someones life. I recently thought about something else as well: EMT/EMS. Those folks make a real difference as well.

Of course I will be continuing to move forward with tattooing. I have recently gotten back to working on my art again and will be ordering more supplies to move ahead and get back to slinging ink on more regular basis.

So many things to consider and act on in the next year before 43 rolls around.

I look forward to the what the next year brings and conquering it.


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